St. Petersburg paint factory

St. Petersburg paint factory is ready to provide customers a full range of services. For example, product liability, which is produced at this plant, its OTC fully assume. Since implementing the function of laboratory quality control directly at the enterprise. As for the production and even development of different compositions and Kohler paint products, then here St. Petersburg paint company is ready to provide its customers a full range of services.Such a wide range of services might be thought that such a quality service is achieved through high prices. This bude fundamentally wrong. The fact that the St. Petersburg factory paint is very flexible pricing policy aimed at attracting customers for continued cooperation.

In addition, if necessary, or the client's wishes, the plant can provide and service delivery, including all transaction processing and renewal of the cargo. Moreover, such services are provided not only within cities but also in the regions. Where is the leadership the company has long established a close collaborative relationships with the transport services. Freight carried by companies such as Business Line, DHL, PEC. It should be said that thanks to the excellent, even in a catalog customers located in other cities in Russia is possible to order the products of the St. Petersburg paint factory. And all these operations can be done directly on the site of the plant. Another exclusive service of this company is the manufacture of liquid coatings on the recipe provided by the client.

In this high-tech production and highly qualified staff can produce at this facility excellent products. The quality is not inferior to the best-known brands, but stands by deducting the cost of advertising is much cheaper. Another secret of excellent quality products of the St. Petersburg paint factory is a production process based on strict adherence to all guests and TU. Another distinctive feature of customer service at the St. Petersburg paint factory - a wide range of packaging products - 20,25, 60 and 200 kg.

Types of paints and varnishes

The main purpose is to create a paint and varnish coatings, protective and decorative properties of building materials, industrial products, household objects, etc. Made to provide such types, as paints, varnishes, enamels, primers. Our factory produces these and many other types of finishing materials.

Primers are used to protect surfaces and prepare them for paint application. There are special primers, resistant to acids, alkalis, corrosive gases and other chemical reagents. These include CS-010, CS-059, CS-068. For priming the metal surfaces are GF-0119, HV-062, VL-02, PF-0244. These primers, as the PL-03 and GF-021 are suitable for priming and metal and wooden surfaces.

Varnishes are used to create a dense transparent film, which has protective properties. In our assortment there varnishes CS-724 and XT-784, recommended for protection of metal, concrete and reinforced concrete structures from corrosion.

Enamels are designed for dyeing and protecting various surfaces. There enamels for various purposes, such as PF-167 PF-218, CS-436, CS-5226, HV-5286 are intended for coloring the surfaces of vessels, HV-518, HV-1120, CS-710, CS-717 - for the processing of steel and aluminum surfaces, HV-124 HV-785, CS-759 - for dyeing and protection of metal, concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Such enamels, as HV-110, HV-16, CS-119, PF-1145, PF-133 PF-223 is used for processing metal, wood, and other types of surfaces. Enamel GF-92 GS used for processing the windings of electric machines, PF-266 for painting of wooden floors. For staining any surfaces using oil paint MA-15.


Случайный совет

Окраска различных поверхностей требует к себе соблюдения определенных правил. В случае их несоблюдения возникают дополнительные финансовые затраты и потери времени.

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Грунт Б-ЭП-0237
Грунт ВЛ-023
Грунт ВЛ-02
Грунт ГФ-021
Грунт ГФ-0119
Грунт ГФ-0163
Грунт-эмаль 3 в 1
Грунт ПФ-0244
Грунт ХВ-0278
Грунт ХС-04
Грунт ХС-010
Грунт ХС-059
Грунт ХС-068
Грунт ХС-0320
Грунт ФЛ-03
Грунт  ЭП-057
Грунт  ЭП-076
Грунт  ЭП-0199
Грунт  ЭП-0263С
Грунт  ЭП-0259
Грунт ЭФ-065
Краска ВД-АК-11
Краска КО-42 (Т)
Краска КО-855
Краска ХВ-161
Лак ЛФ-32 ЛН
Лак ПФ-170
Лак ХВ-784
Лак ХС-76
Эмаль Б-ЭП-433
Эмаль Б-ЭП-5297
Эмаль Б-ЭП-610
Эмаль МА-15
Эмаль ПФ-115
Эмаль ПФ-133
Эмаль ПФ-167
Эмаль ПФ-218 ХС и ГС
Эмаль ПФ-223
Эмаль ПФ-266
Эмаль ПФ-1145
Эмаль ПФ-1402
Эмаль ПФ-5135
Эмаль ХВ-16
Эмаль ХВ-110
Эмаль ХВ-113
Эмаль ХВ-124
Эмаль ХВ-125
Эмаль ХВ-518 У-1
Эмаль ХВ-785
Эмаль ХВ-1100
Эмаль ХВ-1120
Эмаль ХВ-5286 С
Эмаль ХП-7120
Эмаль ХС-119
Эмаль ХС-416
Эмаль ХС-436
Эмаль ХС-500
Эмаль ХС-510
Эмаль ХС-558
Эмаль ХС-710
Эмаль ХС-717
Эмаль ХС-720
Эмаль ХС-759
Эмаль ХС-5132
Эмаль ХС-5146
Эмаль ХС-5226
Эмаль ЭП-46 «У»
Эмаль ЭП-140
Эмаль ЭП-437
Эмаль ЭП-439С
Эмаль ЭП-525
Эмаль ЭП-773
Эмаль ЭП-1155
Эмаль ЭП-1236
Эмаль ЭП-5287